Power 100 uses a panel of expert judges in each of its categories. These Judges are independent of the Power 100 research team and they provide peer group verification on those shortlisted to be included within the final Power 100 list.
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The Power 100 team of researchers are extraordinarily knowledgeable on various spheres within the public and private sector. From national and international influencers through to the inner workings of the civil service and Whitehall, the team has special access to the leading figures in Parliament and is privileged to information from the most informed sources within all sectors and industries across Britain and the World.

Power 100 is born out of a simple vision; to create one of the most important events of its kind ever to be staged which would honour only the very highest levels of achievement from within each sector and positively promote the outstanding contribution made by these men & women on a local, national and international level.  A pioneering, unique and prestigious event, The Power 100 is the only event that pays tribute to success across all walks of life; emphasizing inspiring achievements and highlighting inspirational role models within their different sectors.

Participation within The Power 100 is based on a number of criteria. Those invited to be included within the Power list are primarily people who, either through position or personality exercise a significant power that influences events & sets parameters in the conduct of their organisation, the climate of political debate & the shaping of new ideas.

Each Power 100 list has a decided focus, firstly the national figures who are widely known and influential within their fields, then those individuals within each specific sector operating, in many cases, behind the scenes.

In keeping with the concept of such a high profile and socially high-impact project, the promotion of the Power 100 will be on a scale never before seen for such an initiative.   The level of positive influence this initiative can achieve is in many ways related to the power of those who will be included in the final shortlist.  Our promotion will be targeted towards the major sources of British & international power and influence, both direct and indirect, both current and prospective, and in the public, private & specific sectors.